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Working Actors

These students have recently booked roles in the following projects.

A_John6 headshot.jpg

John Dibbins

"Taking classes at DARA Studio of Acting has allowed me to continue to grow as an actor. They provide not only classical materials but also modern materials that apply to today’s world. Dara is insightful and has some unique perspective and directions that allows the actor to better understand the scene in different ways.  She provides a variety of acting techniques that help me better understand and make it easier to slip into my character. Working directly with Dara on a self-tape for a short film audition landed me the role I was auditioning for."

Four Dudes and a Cabin

Allan Reyes

"Dara is a great person and mentor! When I first joined, I was a very nervous and shy person. She coached and motivated me to become more outgoing and to not be afraid to showcase my talent! Her technique is very passionate and clear, she ensures I am 100% ready for whatever role it is I have to rehearse for. She eases my worries by being reassuring and also tweaking even the small details to ensure I am comfortable with her process. Her wise insight from her years of being an actress is evident in her work. I recommend her to everyone who wants to improve their craft and reach their full potential. I can safely say she is the reason behind my success. "

Allan Reyes Headshot-6600-Edit.jpg

Charlotte Youth Ballet & NBA Hornets 'Lil Stingers'

AEP_2977final (1).jpg

Critically Acclaimed Apple TV+ show 
(NDA involved, will announce name when possible)

Kaleb Armel

Since joining DSOA for acting classes, I have gained a great amount of confidence in booking more roles in TV/film. I have gotten better at audition technique with the process that Dara has taught me in class. Since then, I have booked my first SAG-AFTRA role in an Apple TV+ show and have had more opportunities to audition for even bigger roles in TV and film. In addition, I have recently landed bookings for commercials and modeling for name-brand companies. I look forward to attending class each week because it is so much fun and we get to learn all the different genres in TV and film. With her professional industry experience, as well as strong connections, Dara has a lot to share with her students. She is passionate about helping others by giving them the best tools and techniques that will ensure success in their acting career.

Journey Wray

"The help that DARA Studio of Acting gave me is why I was able to book this character. I am so grateful for the love, kindness, and support Dara has shown me while pushing me to be my best! She is amazing at what she does and made such an impact on me when I needed support and wisdom from someone with the experience to help me reach my goal."


"Annie" in Annie Jr. 

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