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Building Blocks

Building Blocks: Preparation Makes Opportunity

Prerequisite: Mini-class

This 4-week boot camp-style course will familiarize you with the DSOA philosophy and will provide you with the foundation needed to thrive in our monthly ongoing classes. During this course, you will explore your process, identify obstacles that are keeping you from finding authenticity, and develop tools to problem solve. Explore the different genres in TV and film and learn what works best for you. 

  • Meets once-a-week

  • 4 classes total

  • 1.5-2 hours each class (depending on group size)

  • Homework required

Price: $165

What to expect
  • Work on all the genres TV and film has to offer: Multi-cam comedy, single-cam comedy, One-hour drama, and feature film

  • Learn the basic terms for technique and what each means

  • Learn a little about the business of acting

  • Learn how to look at the page differently: analyze the text and find your character's purpose

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