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Dara's Work

Dara has been working in TV and film since 2009. See below pictures from all the projects she's worked on. 

Victorious (Nickelodeon)

Everyday Kid (Nickelodeon)

Shortly after Dara's guest role on Victorious, she booked a pilot called Everyday Kid which was directed by Fred Savage (Wonder Years, Austin Powers, etc). Unfortunately, the show did not make it to series. 

Attention Students (Cartoon Network)

After Dara's deal at Nickelodeon ended, the head of casting at Nick left and went to Cartoon Network. They were trying to get into live-action shows to compete with Nick and Disney and signed Dara to a developmental deal. Again, the show she made didn't go to series.

Dog With a Blog (Disney Channel)

After Dara's contract at Cartoon Network ended, she booked a recurring role on Disney's Dog With a Blog playing a deadpan cheerleader named Brie. 

Pure Country (Warner Brothers)

After her time on Freeform's Switched at Birth, Dara played a comedic relief role as Justine Sloan in Warner Brothers' Pure Country Pure Heart.