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Our Classes

Your Journey at DSOA


To keep an intimate and safe class environment, we do not offer audits. Instead, we have designed this mini-class for new inquirers. With a consultation, you will not only get to see how Dara works with students, but you will get to work with her personally. This session allows Dara to see where you're at and figure out what the best next steps are for you in your journey.


This 4-week boot camp-style course will familiarize you with the DSOA philosophy and will provide you with the foundation needed to thrive in our monthly ongoing classes. During this course, you will explore your process, identify obstacles that are keeping you from finding authenticity, and develop tools to problem solve. Explore the different genres in TV and film and learn what works best for you. 


Practicum is a 4-week course where we reinforce and build upon techniques learned in analysis. Discovering and honing in on what makes you unique as an actor, we will focus on a personalized project to see just how far you can go with a character and story.


Ongoing classes are a weekly gym membership where you keep your skills sharp and enhance them by working on audition technique, self-tape, scene analysis, and even improv. We focus on all genres of TV and film helping you to be and stay prepared for your career through a lasting artistic community.

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