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DARA Studio of Acting Code of Conduct

In accordance with the ethos of the Studio, students are required to be punctual, alert, respectful, generous, and considerate. The Class Director will be quick to address any shortcomings in these respects.

The Studio Founder and/or Class Director shall, at their absolute discretion, have the right to terminate student enrollment in respect of any student, parent, or guardian whose presence or conduct is, for any reason, incompatible with the standards or reputation of the Studio. Please note that fees are non-returnable in this case. 

Your Obligation

• You are always required to behave courteously and respectfully towards other students and members of teaching and non-teaching staff, including visiting professionals, and towards other visitors to DSOA in line with DSOA’s Code of Conduct policy.

You are further obliged to:

• Be responsible for your own learning, making use of the appropriate equipment and facilities and complying with the rules and regulations established by DSOA for the use of resources and facilities, as provided in your course induction and/or pre-arrival materials.

DSOA’s right to terminate

We may suspend or end your enrollment for these reasons:

• You breach the terms and conditions of this agreement, and associated policies, procedures, and regulations.

• You provide inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading information on the registration form.

• You fail to provide payment for training.

Health & Safety

• We aim to provide a well-maintained environment that all users and staff members find safe and enjoyable and in which you can seek to achieve your learning goals effectively. In providing this environment, we understand and comply with our legal obligations to act reasonably to safeguard the health and safety of our students.

 • You are required to ensure your own safety and the safety of those around you and to ensure that equipment that you own is suitable for the proposed use and regularly checked and maintained.

Rules and Regulations

Breaches of these Rules and Regulations and all associated policies will result in DSOA suspending or ending your enrollment.


• Decisions made by DSOA regarding the selection of instructors, the allocation of students to study groups, the material for that study and any roles allocated are made entirely at DSOA’s discretion.

• Persons not officially enrolled in the course, nor authorized by the Instructor, Course Administration, or Studio Founder are not permitted to sit in on classes, rehearsals, or presentations – online or in-person.

• Students must remember their materials for every class or rehearsal. If not, copies will not be given out and they will have to borrow another student's or be memorized.

• Phones are not allowed in class and must be placed in the basket by the front door until class or rehearsal is dismissed. If a family member or friend needs to get ahold of you, they can call the front desk.

• No gum, food, or drinks other than water are allowed in the studio at any time unless instructed otherwise by a director.   

• Students must not enter the studio any earlier than 15 minutes before the start time of the class/rehearsal. 


• 100% commitment, punctuality, and full attendance is required of students.

• It is essential to get written authorization of any absence or lateness to the front desk by emailing with as much notice as possible – including in the email your name, course name, and reason for absence.

• If a student is more than 15 minutes late for an in-person or online class, they will not be permitted to join that class, or any other classes for the rest of the day.

• If a student is not feeling well enough to come to morning classes then they are asked to not to come in the afternoon but rather rest and recover.


• The unauthorized use of any kind of recording device – video or audio - is strictly prohibited on DSOA premises.

• It is not permitted to take photographs in sessions. If you do take photos around the DSOA premises, then these must be for your own private use. You must protect the privacy of other participants.

• In exceptional circumstances, photography, video, or audio recording may be authorized by the Instructor, Course Administration, or the Studio Founder but this will always be done in line with proper permissions.

• It is prohibited for participants to photograph, audio record or video record any online or in-person sessions.


• You must have consideration and respect for everyone, in line with the studio ethos and reputation.

• Students as well as parents and guardians of enrolled students at DSOA are required to conduct themselves in line with the studio Code of Conduct.

• Participants are required to develop and sustain mutually respectful professional relationships with DSOA staff and students.

• Participants must respect DSOA property and other people’s belongings.

• Only eat or drink in designated areas.

• Students should observe the standard practices of professional theatre in relation to rehearsals and the handling and use of any costume, props and/or other stage materials.

• The downloading of inappropriate material or the misuse of the Internet on DSOA premises is forbidden.


• All students are required to wear appropriate clothing to enable full participation in classes.

• Students are required to always maintain a professional standard of dress and hygiene.

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