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DSOA Theatre

We are looking for talent in Charlotte and the surrounding areas for new productions. Get professional training and performance experience in high-level theatre productions. Dara will be casting and directing groundbreaking plays and musicals using her expertise from some of England's top drama schools. Get prepared for the professional world of performance.


OPEN CALL Talent search:  Looking for talent ages 9+ for plays and musicals. Please prepare mentioned material based on your interest/ability. No performance experience necessary. We will be casting the company first and then choosing productions accordingly. 

WHEN: Please check back for future audition dates.

WHERE: DARA Studio of Acting, 342 N NC-16 Bus, Denver, NC 28037


To be considered for plays (actors only) - Please prepare 2 of the monologues provided. 

To be considered for musicals - Please prepare 1 of the monologues provided, a verse & chorus of 2 songs — one upbeat and one ballad (can be musical theatre or pop) with tracks, and a short dance (30 seconds) of your choice with music. For the tracks: a karaoke track from YouTube on your mobile device will suffice during the audition. ***We will have a speaker available for iPhone plug-in during the audition.***


Max: You can’t eat me. You didn’t know that so I forgive you but never try it again. I have powers from ancient times. Don’t make me show you. I had to show these Vikings once. They wear horned hats and they’re big — bigger than you. One time they attacked me in my ice fortress. They tried to cave in the roof but I made it too strong. I told them to be still but they didn’t. I conquered them. I had to make their heads explode. And then, they realized I knew all the secrets to the world. Then you know what happened? They made me their king.

Iggy: My mother’s dead. I don’t know what of. But she’s dead. And my father, who bossed her around, drank all the time, and had other girlfriends, cried a lot and said that life was cruel. And that was it. The other night after my mother’s funeral, I went into her dresser drawers and started sorting through her underwear, her socks and her blouses. I could smell her powder, her skin, and her breath. I felt like number one in the world. I mean, she got herself into one of those strange coffins, got lowered into the ground, and was never, ever, ever seen on the face of the earth again. It was all so mysterious, and it gave me a kind of medal to show off. Teachers would be kinder. My friends wouldn’t say I was bad in sports and I didn’t have to worry about pimples, but then it began to wear off, and I’d hold up the clothes and there’d be no body inside of them, and I kept seeing the shape of her arms or the way she’d paint her toenails. And my brain would start screaming. I mean how can a person just completely disappear? I don’t understand it.

Cleo: Ohhh no. Don't even go there. You have no idea what I just went through. I'm in the grocery store looking for your laundry detergent and — big sign — Tide's on sale. Cool. But I'm looking and the shelf is like, empty. Then I spot one last bottle. Well, I'm about to take it and this woman comes barreling down the aisle and snatches it up right under my nose. Man, I was mad. So I go up behind her, grab it out of her greedy little hands and say "Excuse me, that's my Tide." Well, then she starts chasing me up and down the aisles as if I kidnapped her son! Finally, I stop and say, "Lady, what is your problem?" She starts crying and carrying on — like she's going for an Oscar — so, just to shut her up, I say, "Here. Take the dang thing." So don't even give me that, "You forgot my Tide". From now on, get your own groceries!  

Justin: Well, uh, Jimmy. You know, Jimmy? He's having a party on Saturday and... it sounds like it's gonna be pretty cool. So I was wondering... um... I know you and Kevin just broke up — and I'm real sorry about that — but, uh... I was thinking, maybe — I mean if you're not busy — if you are, I totally understand. But, well... what I'm trying to say is... would you... do you think... would you like to go with me? I don't mean go "out out". I mean the party. Jimmy's. (beat) Really?! Great! Uh, er, cool. So I'll see you — I mean I'll call you to... you know, Saturday. Okay. Bye. (beat) Oh my God. Breathe, idiot, breathe!


Chrissy: I'm sorry but that seat is taken. I'm saving it for someone. He's the cutest, funniest, richest, coolest guy in the world and he's totally in love with me. (beat) No, it's not my boyfriend. You see, I don't know him yet. That's why I'm here at this dance. To meet him. To find him. Get it? (beat) How do I know it's not you? Well... I just know. Trust me, it's a girl thing. No offense, but I'm talking about my ultimate dream guy here. He has to have all of these really important, specific qualities. (beat) You have your own car? Wanna sit down and talk?


Alex: I wanted those moments — few and far between as they were. I wanted whatever time and affection you could give me. No matter what it cost me. I felt like you found comfort in me. Maybe I wasn't your first choice, y'know? But I was glad that I was somewhere on the list. I let it happen again and again, more times than I can even count. You wanted to keep things casual. You wanted to keep me at arm's length. You leaned on me. I cared about you so much. I can't explain it, but, I've seen the best and worst of you... and I love you. I love the way you can tell me what I'm thinking. I love the way you tell a story, drawing me in. I love you for all the times you convinced me, with a stupid joke, or even just a look... to stop taking myself so seriously and just enjoy my life. Nothing could ever make me regret the way I feel about you. What I feel for you isn't a negative thing. It makes me better, it makes my life better. That's what I've been trying to say: That love is never wrong, even when it grows in the worst conditions, with no encouragement. 

Gregory: You see, it's a great many years since I've been able to allow myself to fall in love. I know lots of charming women; but the worst of it is, they're all married. Women don't become charming, to my taste, until they're fully developed; and by that time, if they're really nice, they're snapped up and married. And then, because I am a good man, I have to place a limit to my regard for them. I may be fortunate enough to gain friendship and even very warm affection from them; but my loyalty to their husbands and their hearths and their happiness obliges me to draw a line and not overstep it. Of course I value such affectionate regard very highly indeed. I am surrounded with women who are most dear to me. But every one of them has a post sticking up, if I may put it that way, with the inscription Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted. How we all loathe that notice! In every lovely garden, in every dell full of primroses, on every fair hillside, we meet that confounded board; and there is always a gamekeeper round the corner. But what is that to the horror of meeting it on every beautiful woman, and knowing that there is a husband round the corner? I have had this accursed board standing between me and every dear and desirable woman until I thought I had lost the power of letting myself fall really and wholeheartedly in love.

Luka: There you are again! It's too awful to listen to, so it is! Nikolai Michailovitch is dead, it was the will of the Lord and the Lord has given him eternal peace. You have grieved over it and that ought to be enough. Now it's time to stop. One can't weep and wear mourning forever! My wife died a few years ago, too. I grieved for her, I wept a whole month—and then it was over. Must one be forever singing lamentations? That would be more than your husband was worth! (He sighs.) You have forgotten all your neighbors. You don't go out and you won't receive any one. We live,—you'll pardon me—like the spiders, and the good light of day we never see. All the livery is eaten by the mice—As though there weren't any more nice people in the world! But the whole neighborhood is full of gentlefolk. In Riblov the regiment is stationed, officers—simply beautiful! One can't see enough of them! Every Friday a ball, and military music every day. Oh, my dear, dear ma'am, young and pretty as you are, if you'd only let your spirits live! Beauty can't last forever. When ten short years are over, then you'll be glad enough to go out a bit! And meet the officers—and then it'll be too late.

Madame X: Hush, you needn't speak—I understand it all! It was because—and because—and because! Yes, yes! Now all the accounts balance. That's it. Fie, I won't sit at the same table with you. That's the reason I had to embroider tulips—which I hate—on his slippers, because you are fond of tulips; that's why we go to Lake Mälarn in the summer, because you don't like salt water; that's why my boy is named Eskil—because it's your father's name; that's why I wear your colors, read your authors, eat your favorite dishes, drink your drinks—chocolate, for instance; that's why—oh—my God—it's terrible, when I think about it; it's terrible. Everything, everything came from you to me, even your passions. Your soul crept into mine, like a worm into an apple, ate and ate, bored and bored, until nothing was left but the rind and a little black dust within. I wanted to get away from you, but I couldn't; you lay like a snake

and charmed me with your black eyes; I felt that when I lifted my wings they only dragged me down; I lay in the water with bound feet, and the stronger I strove to keep up the deeper I worked myself down, down, until I sank to the bottom, where you lay like a giant crab to clutch me in your claws—and there I am lying now.

Josette: Do you? Look, you are here how long? A week at least? After a week with me, you will want to marry me.

I need you to know now, I cannot marry you. I am a better lover than a wife. I am giving you a gift, can you understand? The gift of my love. But it is all I can give. Now you say "okay" but later you will try to get me to marry you. I would suggest you not try this. It would be the end of us. When a man asks me to marry him I have to say goodbye. I am serious. Marriage is a death to me. Do you want me to die? Then when you feel yourself want to ask for marriage with me, you must think twice. You understand? You make jokes but it is not funny. I have to beat off my suitors with a tree.

Please email us at if you have any questions. 

If cast...

SEASONS: Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter seasons (March - June & September - December)

REHEARSALS: 1 x per week. Daily during tech week - attendance mandatory. Must be available for all performances. 

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