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Dramalings Performance Company Agreement

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you also agree to abide by DSOA’s policies, procedures and regulations, as outlined within the Studio's Code of Conduct. In the event of a conflict between these terms and conditions and other regulations, these terms and conditions take precedence.


AUDITIONS: The dates are listed on our website theatre page.  The auditions days and times listed are the only auditions being held for the current season and future auditions will be held for students who would like to try to get into the company if they have not been cast for the current season. Once you have made the company, based on the production chosen, auditions will be held in early rehearsals for the roles in the play.


PRICE: Pricing for theatre training (weekly 2-hour rehearsals) is $175/month plus a one-time, non-refundable $125 production fee. You have the option to pay for the season in full or monthly via a credit card on file in our system. A credit card authorization form must be filled out if not previously. If you are currently in ongoing film and tv classes, we can offer a discount on those classes if you decide to stay enrolled in addition to the theatre company. The theatre rehearsals and ongoing classes will be on separate days. Please let us know if you would like to be in both the theatre company and ongoing classes. 


WITHDRAWAL:  There are times when students need to withdraw for different reasons.  Students have until the 18th of the month prior to rehearsals to submit a withdrawal form. After that date, no refunds will be issued for the remaining production season and the student is committed through the production season.  To withdraw, a “Withdrawal Form” must be filled out and turned in to the studio. We DO NOT accept withdrawals by word of mouth, email, or over the phone.


ABSENCES:  STUDENTS ARE ALLOWED 3 ABSENCES FROM WEEKLY CLASSES DURING THE SEMESTER.   After 3 absences, the student will still participate in the show, but their part will be eligible for review and can be recast to someone who has attended rehearsals regularly if the student is having trouble retaining the directions for their part.  STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED ANY ABSENCES FROM TECH WEEK.  Students may have to sit out of the opening show if they miss any practices during tech week that have not been previously worked out with the director. If students become involved in other activities this season at school, you need to check the schedules for those activities. It is not the studio's responsibility to keep track of your schedule and commitments. Please see the withdrawal policy.  

If a student is injured and needs to just watch rehearsals, we must receive a doctor’s note or speak directly to the parent/guardian otherwise the student will be counted absent.


ATTIRE: If students do not abide by the DSOA Attire, they will sit out until they are properly dressed.  If students miss more than 15 minutes of rehearsal they are counted absent. DSOA attire is black leggings or pants (please no shorts) and a DSOA shirt or black t-shirt/sweatshirt and sneakers (closed-toe shoes are a must). New students will get their shirts after classes have started so students need to wear a black t-shirt until the DSOA shirts arrive. If a student comes to class out of proper attire, they will have to sit out until proper attire is worn.


LATENESS: Students are allowed to either be 15 minutes late to class or leave 15 minutes early without being counted absent.  If they miss more than 15 minutes, they are counted absent.  If you are stuck in traffic and know you are going to be late, please call the studio front desk and have them notify the director for you. 


MEMORIZATION: There are memorization deadlines throughout the season.  If a student doesn’t have their materials memorized, their part will be up for review.  

There are absolutely NO CELL PHONES and NO GUM allowed in DSOA rehearsals.  The director will pick up all cell phones if they are used and distracting from class.  If you need to contact your child during class, we ask you call the front desk and have them get your child for you.

CURRENT PROJECT: A short film written by Bryce and Dara Sisterhen. Directed by Dara Sisterhen.

STATUS: Shoot details TBD. We are currently in pre-production. 

EMAIL: It’s our main source of communication.  We MUST have a valid address on file for each parent.  If you did not get this info through email, we don’t have the correct one on file, or you have unsubscribed from emails, please contact to update your information.

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